Plastic recycling is caring for the environment

Plastic is one of the most popular materials in the world, because thanks to its flexibility, affordable price and variety, it can be used to make a variety of products for different industries. However, the more is produced, the more waste is to be expected, and the issue of plastic pollution has been acute for more than a year. Of course, it is difficult to give up this material, but you can recycle plastic. After all, a clean world is the health and happy future of the planet and our children.

Why do you need to recycle plastic waste and can everything be recycled?

The main disadvantage of plastic is the duration of its decomposition, which averages 150-500 years. Therefore, proper recycling of plastic helps: & nbsp;

  • reduce waste, as 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of every year;
  • save resources; & nbsp;
  • increase the market for recycled materials and ensure the subsequent production of new things; & nbsp;
  • make this world cleaner and improve the environment.

There are many types of plastic, which differ in their composition, scope and even the degree of safety for the environment. Therefore, plastic products must be marked with a triangle, inside which is a number indicating the type of plastic. Most of these species are recyclable and reusable, but it is possible that plastic is not suitable for recycling. For example, plastic coffee cups, which are marked with the number 7, are to be disposed of only. But our company aims to use exclusively recyclable plastic in its production.

What are the ways to dispose of plastic waste

Because plastic, as a complex material with a chemical polymer composition, requires special conditions for disposal and recycling, this is usually done by specialized plants. Depending on the type of plastic, it can be recycled in a certain way:

  • Mechanical recycling of plastics is a classic method of recycling, which does not require expensive equipment and allows you to create raw materials for secondary use.
  • Hydrolysis is used less often, as this method of processing is quite expensive and time consuming.
  • Methanolysis is also an expensive way to recycle plastics, and all raw materials must be thoroughly cleaned when using it.
  • But glycolysis is considered almost waste-free and does not require such thorough cleaning of processed raw materials, but such secondary raw materials cannot be used in the food industry.
  • Another method of processing is pyrolysis, but this production of secondary raw materials releases toxic substances.

Of course, there are other ways - both expensive and less expensive. However, most often in our country recycling of plastics is used in recycling - it is both safe and affordable, and allows the use of recycled materials in various fields. At the first stage of plastic recycling, it is sorted and cleaned of contaminants, and then pre-crushed. Again cleaned and dried, then sent to thermal plants to obtain a homogeneous mass - recycled. After that, either granules or secondary products are made from the melt through granulation plants.

Plastic - recycling and reuse

Recycling one plastic bottle can save as much energy as needed for a 6-hour 60W light bulb. And given that about 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year, recycling would save a lot of energy and significantly reduce pollution. In addition, recyclables are actually very functional. From the same recycled plastic you can make: & nbsp;

  • plastic materials - various furniture, stationery, containers for household chemicals, building materials, etc. other household and construction goods;
  • clothing - and yes, recycled plastic is a well-known polyester, as well as nylon, organza and even artificial silk. Moreover, many global brands, such as Nike, Adidas, H & amp; M and others, occasionally release collections of fabrics created after the recycling of plastic; & nbsp;
  • furniture - recycled chairs, stools, kitchen sets and other products.

Science does not stand still, new ways of using plastic recyclables are regularly developed. Here in the Netherlands, a technology has been developed to create a pavement from recycled plastic.

Plastic’s Craft also recycles plastic in Kharkiv and manufactures recycled furniture, containers and other products. It is very important for us not only to provide our customers with quality, safe and durable goods, but also to do everything possible to ensure that our children have the opportunity to live on a clean planet. Therefore, we use plastic that can be disposed of, and we also give a second life to this material to save resources and pollute the environment less.

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